Gretchin are the cannon fodder of the Orks. Cheap, weak and expendable, they are best only at taking enemy fire.


Unit Card Edit

Gretchins are smaller than Orks and are believed to be an engineered servant caste of the long lost Ork Empire. Gretchin take on the menial tasks in Ork society. They are commonly known to maintain and refuel machinery, make dangerous weapon repairs and provide sanitation services to the upper caste Orks. Some Gretchin also provide battle field support by forming mobs armed with any number of available weapons.

Unit Image Edit


Unit Stats Edit

Adeptus ~Administratum / ~Xenology Directorate
Index:  Orks/ General
    Classification:  Gretchin

Move - 8
Close Assault - -1
Cost - 60 Points (10 Individually)
Armor - 5/5/5

Strengths Edit

  • Very cheap infantry.
  • Great at absorbing enemy overwatch fire.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Weakest Infantry in the game.
  • Low base accuracy
  • Very short ranged weapons.
  • Deal poorly in close assault combat.

Weaponry Edit


  • Range - 6
  • ROF - 1
  • Penetration - 25
  • Accuracy - 30%

ROF = Rate Of Fire. Max amount of infantry killable per attack.

Battle Tactics & Viability Edit

  • Gretchin are pathetic infantry in every respect, they can only attack at extreme close range and they suffer in close combat, their armor means any hit will likely see them take casualties.
  • The strength to Gretchin is their numbers and their ability to draw overwatch fire. Considering how cheap, and useless, the Gretchin are they make fantastic meat shields for you're more valuable units.
  • The best usage of Gretchin is to have them move first, before any of you're other units do, to draw enemy fire upon them. This can then allow you're more experienced and expensive units to move unopposed.

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