The Imperator is the largest of all known Imperial Titans and one of two known variants of the Emperor class. It was originally meant to be included in the game but was removed due to balance issues.

Unit Card

The huge Imperator Titan towers 25 to 40 meters in the air. Anything which survives a barrage of its infamous Hellstorm Cannon, Plasma Annihilator, eight secondary cannons, long-range defense laser, four gun towers and sixteen bolters will probably have little success penetrating its twelve void shields and meters thick armor. In addition, the Imperator hosts an assembly of Adeptus Astra Telepathica psykers to protect it from psychic assault and help with targeting. Finally, it can transport 125 soldiers into battle.

Unit Image


From Titan Legions

Unit Stats

  • Unknown


  • Long range fire support


  • Close combat


  • Hellstorm Cannon
  • Plasma Annihilator

Battle Tactics & Viability

  • Unknown


  • The Imperator appears on the cover of Final Liberation but is not included in game.
  • There is no mention of the Warmonger, another variant, though this could have been alluded to in the unit card (Warmongers lack the Imperator's superstructure and are shorter as a result.) However, this was most likely a reference made instead to Imperator Titans built before the Imperial Cult became the Imperium's state religion (and lacked the cathedral as a result.)
  • The unit card lists its height between 25 to 40 metres, though in later corrections to canon this has been increased to 55.5 metres (see the tabletop game's Apocalypse datasheet.) Even Titans built before the time of the Imperial Cult stood at 43 metres (the Dies Irae, for instance.) Canon puts the Warlord at 33 metres.
  • The largest class of Titan that can be used in Final Liberation is the Warlord.
  • It is likely that the Orks would have had access to the Mega-Gargant were this unit to be included.

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