Complete list of all Ork units in Final Liberation.


Low Tier Edit

Mid Tier Edit

High Tier Edit

Tanks and other ground vehiclesEdit

Fast Attack Vehicles Edit

Armored Tanks Edit

Mekboy Specialist Tanks/Vehicles Edit





  • Some units (e.g. Pulsa Rokkit, Slasher Gargant, Giblet Grinda) are incorrectly affiliated to a certain Ork Clan when they should in fact be available to any Clan.
  • Battlewagons should be available to any Clan. In Final Liberation, this holds true for the AI, but not for human players, who can only buy them as Bad Moon units.
  • In the unpatched version of the game, Fighta-Bommerz can only be bought by Evil Sunz, while Goff/Evil Sunz/Bad Moon Nobz can be bought by any clan.

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