Uri Olikov Petchenka is the 5th Overlord of Volistad and the last surviving member of his family.


Uri's entire family was tragically wiped out when the Ork space hulk crashed and triggered a massive tidal wave that completely destroyed the ruling house in their island retreat of Mosvanyus. As fate would have it, Uri Petchenka survived only because he had been bedridden for several years and he refused to accompany the royal party to their retreat at Mosvanyus due to “personal” reasons involving his servant Mikael Kolostoy.


Petchenka is pompous, arrogant, and a terrible leader. Colonel Horgrawl described him as a "pompous fool", while Commissar Holt describes him as an "inadequate" military leader and planetary overlord. He also seems to be ignorant about imperial laws, since he did not realize that an Imperial Commissar has the authority to discipline or execute even a planetary overlord.

Despite all this, Petchenka remained staunchly loyal to the Imperium - probably his only redeeming feature.

Petchenka is apparently bisexual, since he is implied to be "close" to his servant Kolostoy, but is also shown to have a wife or concubine (see Other Characters).

Actions during the Volistad campaignEdit

Petchenka proved to be an utterly inept leader, and the Orks soon overran the entire planet, leaving only a few isolated pockets of resistance. His palace at Borodni was besieged. Only a small garrison under General Mikial Silenko remained to defend it (see Regiments) and it was only a matter of time before supplies ran out and the Orks took it. Rather than learning from his mistakes, Petchenka constantly placed the blame for his failures on his subordinates. Stories of the governor's ineptitude spread like wildfire, and soon reached the ears of even the Lord Commander Militant's troops.

When the Lord Commander's troops, led by Holt, finally approached the capital, he acted arrogantly towards the Commissar tried to commandeer his troops. Holt would have none of it, and reprimaned Petchenka both verbally and phyisically (by slapping him). He then proceeded to relieve him of duty, and told him - at gunpoint - to "choose his next words with exceptional care". Petchenka wisely decided to hand over his command to Holt. It's worth noting that none of his guards tried to stop Holt - indeed they seemed relieved to see him removed from duty.

Petchenka's final fate is unknown, but it is likely he was executed for incompetence and cowardice following a trial. This would in turn mean that the planetary governorship would pass to another family.

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