Patch 1.01 was released by Holistic Design to address bugs and crashes from Final Liberation 1.0. It can be downloaded here.

Patch Notes


  • Pulsa Rokkit crashes occasionally when it hits a Titan within six points of death. (Note: Warhounds are always within six points of death.)
  • Pulsa Rokkit may cause syncronization errors in network/modem game. (Different units die on different client machines.)
  • Lifta-Droppa occasionally crashes when it hits a unit facing North West.
  • Inconsistencies and syncronization errors when Opportunity Fire is taken against infantry units in network/modem game.
  • Various spelling errors in the encyclopedia.
  • Occasionally when turn ends in network play, one side will fail to advance or lock-up. (Happens if user double red arrows through any complete detachment in a move by detachment game.)
  • Cursor did not properly advance when Kannon Speedsta's Kustom Kannon malfunctions (causing Speedsta to explode.)
  • Template weapons like Flame Throwers and Artillery would opportunity fire flyers or skimmers when they were airborne and could not be hit.
  • Hotseat battles would only show Victory/Defeat summary screen for whatever player last moved.
  • Save locks up when saving a regiment with a detachment of Imperial Assault Troops which has lost at least one unit.
  • Crash animations for Thunderhawk were not quite right.
  • Lifta-Droppa leaves smoke floating in air when killing flyers.
  • Airstrikes were allowed to Melee.
  • Airstrikes would not become available until the second turn.
  • If user called an airstrike while another strike was on board, the previous plane would not fly off as it should (Not possible in move by detachment game.)
  • Missile spelt incorrectly "Missle."
  • Pulsa Rokkits were not displayed long enough during "Barrages" phase. This usually caused display glitches, but in net play could occasionally cause a Pulsa to dissipate on one machine and not the other.
  • Autosave kicked in during review period of LAN game.
  • "Seen" video flags were not cleared if user restarted a campaign, so that certain video seens would not replay.
  • Any Ork commander, regardless of clan limits, could buy any Ork Nobz unit.
  • Airstrikes controlled by A.I. would occasionally fly around and waste time.
  • Unit Availability table (for each region) was incorrect.
  • Players were not notified if the host quit early in a network game.
  • AI would not spend over about 3,000 points in Quick Battle. AI will now create the mostly Gargant regiments required to spend 8,000 points.
  • Vehicles would usually not move when they routed. They usually should.
  • AI would chose same forces if it controlled more than one player in a 3 or 4 player game.
  • Players could select forces which could not be correctly placed in the relief force scenarios.
  • Lock-ups (infinite loop) were caused when game was saved during an Air Strike and the Air Strike was shot down.
  • Tutorial would lock-up (Task Exception) if you tried to start it after playing any other scenario.