The Predator is the Space Marine Battle Tank. While lacking in armor and range it makes up by having more, effective, weaponry than its Leman Russ equilivant.


Unit Card Edit

High speed battle field assault providing anti-personnel and armor firepower.

Unit Image Edit


Unit Stats Edit

Departmento Munitorium Directory
Index:  Battle Tank
    Classification:  Predator
Offensive ~Capability:  Auto cannon, two sponson-mounted lascannons
  Defensive ~Capability:  Heavy armor plate
Powerplant:  Petro-chemical
Functionality:  High speed battle field assault providing anti-personnel and armor firepower.

Move - 20
Close Assault - 1
Cost - X Points (100 Individually)
Armor - 77/59/43

Strengths Edit

  • Fastest Imperial Battle Tank.
  • Has three effective anti-tank/infantry weapons in comparison to the Leman Russ's two.
  • Lasercannons have a long firing range.
  • Slightly cheaper individually than its equivalents.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Slightly less armor than the Leman Russ Tank variants
  • Main Autocannon has eight less range and fifteen less penetration than the main Battlecannon on the Leman Russ.

Weaponry Edit

Autocannon (Twin linked, can fire twice with minimal movement)

  • Range - 20
  • Penetration - 60
  • Accuracy - 40%

2x Side Mounted Lasercannons

  • Range - 28
  • Penetration - 80
  • Accuracy - 40%

Battle Tactics & Viability Edit

  • A viable tank in comparison to the Leman Russ.The Predator exchanges the long range of the Leman Russ, some armor and the range on its autocannon in exchange for faster movement speed and two long range Lasercannons.
  • Generally the extra speed, weaponry and slightly cheaper cost of the Predator makes it a more viable battle tank than the Leman Russ. However in the campaign you don't get access to Predators until far later in the campaign.