Regiments are represented by a winged skull icon on the Campaign_Map. Each may move to adjacent province once per turn. If this brings the Regiment into contact with Orks, a Battle will commence. Losing a battle will also result in the loss of your entire Regiment, regardless of any survivors. Losing your last regiment will result in the Orks winning the campaign!

As you liberate provinces, you will also receive command of additional Regiments. Below is a list of Regiments, with the units they start with.

List of RegimentsEdit

  1. Captain Agrippa (only available for the first mission)
    • 1x Predator Squadron
    • 1x Whirlwind Battery
    • 1x Thunderhawk Gunship
    • 1x Space Marine Detachment
  2. Commander Holt - Colonel Horgrawl and Captain Hadrian (available after the first mission)
    • 1x Commissar (and Rhino)
    • 2x Chimera Squadron
    • 1x Mordian Captain (and 4 Tactical Squads)
    • 1x Mordian Heavy Platoon
    • 1x Bombard Battery
    • 1x Thudd Gun Battery
  3. Lieutenant Eberhardt (available when you liberate Kotslev)
    • 1x Leman Russ Squadron
    • 1x Chimera Squadron
    • 1x Tallarn Captain (and 4 Heavy Squads)
    • 1x Basilisk Battery
  4. Lieutenants Infernus and Fleich (available when you liberate Tollcharin)
    • 1x Thunderhawk Gunship
    • 1x Predator Squadron
    • 1x Whirlwind Battery
    • 1x Leviathan
    • 1x Vindicator Squadron
    • 2x Space Marine Detachment
  5. Volistad Iron Lords (available when you liberate Port Kosygin)
    • 1x Baneblade
    • 1x Storm Hammer
    • 2x Shadow Sword
  6. Regiment Pechinka - Lieutenants Ivanovich and Stefanous (available when you liberate Borodni)
    • 3x Planet Guard Platoon
    • 2x Chimera Squadron
    • 2x Thudd Gun Battery
    • 1x Rough Rider Squadron
  7. Ninth Volistad Basilisks Regiment - Lieutenants Hogart and Penichka (available when you liberate Ryti)
    • 1x Hellhound Squadron
    • 2x Planet Guard Platoon
    • 2x Bombard Battery
    • 1x Demolisher Squadron
    • 1x Basilisk Battery
    • 1x Deathstrike Battery
  8. Titanicus - Lieutenant Harnicus (available when you liberate Vorkata Reaches)
    • 1x Space Marine Detachment
    • 2x Predator Squadron
    • 1x Warlord Titan

Ork Regiments (counter-attack)Edit

When you have made enough progress, a cutscene will play, warning you of an incoming Space Hulk. Next turn, one of your Regiments will be attacked immediately. In addition, an Ork Regiment will appear in Lutov's Wastes and make its way towards your lines and attack. You can attack it before it attacks you, but if you win you will not conquer the province it was occupying. In any case, you must stop it as soon as possible, or you will lose the game! You will also lose if the Orks manage to retake the spaceport at Kotslev.

The Ork Regiments consist of the following units. Be aware that this is only meant as a guideline, since the strength and number of the Ork forces depends both on the Difficulty Level and the size of your own regiment (the more points it has, the more Orks there will be).

  1. Initial Attack
    • Slasher Gargant
    • Pulsa Rokkits
    • Goff Boyz
    • Goff Nobz
    • Bad Moon Boyz
  2. Secondary Attack
    • Mekboy Gargant
    • Giblet Grinda(s)
    • Fighta-Bommerz
    • Nobz Warbikes
    • Gutrippas
    • Rokkit Speedstas
    • Goff Nobz
    • Stormboyz
    • Flakwagons