The Rhino is a basic armored troop transport available to the Space Marines and some Imperial forces. Despite being a Space Marine vehicle it is not a very effective combat unit.


Unit Card Edit

High speed troop transport.

Unit Image Edit


Unit Stats Edit

Departmento Munitorium Directory Prime
Index:  Specialist armored vehicle
    Classification:  Rhino
Offensive Capability:  One Tank Bolter
Defensive Capability:  Plate armor and high movement rate
Powerplant:  Petro-chemical
Functionality:  High speed troop transport.

Move - 20
Close Assault - 0
Cost - X Points (25 Individual)
Armor - 66/48/37

Strengths Edit

  • Fastest transport unit available to Imperial forces. 20 to a Chimera's 16.
  • Cheapest transport.


  • Its weapons have a very short range, making the Rhino ineffective in providing fire support for its infantry teams.
  • Its cost advantage and slight movement speed increase is the only real advantage the Rhino holds over the Chimera. Which falls short in justifying the loss of a good, long range, attack for a less effecitve close ranage attack.

Weaponry Edit

Mounted Boltgun

  • Range - 8
  • Penetration - 40
  • Accuracy - 40%

Battle Tactics & Viability Edit

  • The Rhino simply falls short when compared to the Chimera. Without the Rhino being able to provide meaningful fire support you're simply denying yourself additional weapons to fire on the enemy.
  • There's little reason to take the Rhino transport outside of role playing as a pure Space Marine force. Do note that the Commissar comes with a attached Rhino transport.

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