Stormboyz are Ork rapid assault infantry. They are a supremely useful infantry to take for any clan.


Unit Card Edit

Ork Stormboyz are the youthful generation of Orks. Unlike adults, adolescent Orks crave order and structure. It is during this period in their life cycle that they are known as Stormboyz. Despite their youth Stormboyz make aggressive and dangerous opponents.

Unit Image Edit


Unit Stats Edit

Adeptus Administratum / Xenology Directorate
Index:  Orks/General
    Classification:  Storm Boyz

Move - 10
Close Assault - 1
Cost - X Points (15 Individually)
Armor - 15/15/15

Strengths Edit

  • Powerful but cheap infantry. Almost as good as Space Marines.
  • High movement speed.
  • Any clan leader can take them.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Despite speed advantage they still suffer in getting into close range.

Weaponry Edit


  • Range - 20
  • ROF - 4
  • Penetration - 40
  • Accuracy - 40%

ROF = Rate Of Fire. Max amount of infantry killable per attack.

Battle Tactics & Viability Edit

  • Stormboyz are among the three most viable and useful Ork infantry to field. Alongside Gretchin (for drawing overwatch) and Nobz (for being very powerful).
  • Stormboyz can easily take on most Imperial infantry, though they may run into trouble against Space Marines.

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