The Whirlwind is the Space Marines main Artillery unit. The Whirlwind sacrifices the penetration of its artillery in exchange for being the fastest artillery unit in the imperial arsenal, in addition that it can fire two artillery strikes on the same turn.


Unit Card Edit

High speed missile launching platform.

Unit Image Edit


Unit Stats Edit

Departmento Munitorium Directory Prime
Index:  Specialist armored vehicle
    Classification:  Whirlwind (Rhino variant)
Offensive Capability:  Multiple warhead rocket delivery system
Defensive Capability:  armor plate
Powerplant:  Petro-chemical
Functionality:  High speed missile launching platform.

Move - 16
Close Assault - 0
Cost - 120 Points (40 Individually)
Armor - 76/58/40

Strengths Edit

  • Fires two artillery salvos per attack instead of only a single attack like all other imperial artillery.
  • Has the highest movement speed of all imperial artillery units.
  • Has the best armor of all artillery units
  • Unit cost falls in line with other artillery units.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Its attack has significantly less penetration than the other two artillery units.
  • Extra speed and armor are a moot point for a artillery unit that should be near the edge of the battlefield.

Weaponry Edit

2x Multi-Launcher

  • Range - 60
  • ROF - 4
  • Penetration - 40
  • Accuracy - 40%

ROF = Rate Of Fire. Amount of possible infantry kills per attack.

Battle Tactics & Viability Edit

  • The Whirlwind is a dubious artillery unit. The main selling point of the whirlwind is that it gets two attacks in a row instead of one, increasing the odds of it hitting a target.
  • The Whirlwind suffers from having significantly less penetration than all other artillery and even that of standard battle tanks. The whirlwind seems more effective against entrenched infantry positions than other artillery.
  • Ultimantly the worse off penetration means this unit will struggle in terminating enemy armored targets.

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